Unibel Gerobio - Body Range

Range of high quality products for body and skin care.


Body tonic

Tonic with marine principles, with a calming and refreshing effect as it acts by activating peripheral microcirculation and preparing the skin for the specific products in the range.
Application: Preferably in the morning. It is applied through ascending massages from the soles of the feet to the waist.
Functional active ingredients: Algae, Ginseng, Horse Chestnut, Amino acids, Vitamins

BODYTON Tónico corporal


Body peeling

Body exfoliating gel based on marine silica microgranules that eliminates cellular debris that is deposited in the superficial layers of the skin as a result of normal skin regeneration.
Application: In the shower before applying the shower gel, massage the product with rotating movements
Functional active ingredients: Marine silicates, Propylene glycol, Sorbitol.

BRISE Ampollas corporales


Body phials

Ampoules for the treatment of any body unsightliness. Based on phytotherapy, it provides essential plant extracts that act by providing cellular metabolic reactivation.
Application: It is applied through ascending maneuvers until complete absorption.
Functional active ingredients: Avocado, Sage, Soy, Mint, Vitamin E.

SERENA crema descongestionante


Relieving cream

Acts on all skin that suffers from poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Prevents capillary elastosis as well as the formation of interstitial edema. Improves the drainage of blood and lymphatic vessels, preventing fluid retention. Varicosity, heaviness or edema of the legs, cellulite, water retention.
Application: Apply with ascending massages from the sole of the foot to the waist.
Functional active ingredients: Phytostimulins from Chamomile, Sage, St. John's Wort, Yarrow, Altea, Vitamins, Amino acids, Bisabolol

LUCIDE gel para piernas pesadas


Heavy legs gel

Gel activator of venous and lymphatic circulation. It has a non-greasy feel and provides activation of venous return and a sensation of freshness, relaxing tired legs.
Application: It can be applied alone or combined with SERENA. In both cases it should be applied from the soles of the feet to the waist using upward massages and insisting, especially on the back of the legs.
Functional active ingredients: Escin, Horse Chestnut, Chamomile, Linden.

HARMONIE crema remodelante


Essential cream

It is the essential cream of the range, being essential for all ages, skin, areas of the body, for any type of unsightly condition. Its studied and meticulous composition represents a complex of nutritional elements that harmonize the basic functions of the skin. It helps combat the effects of skin aging, making it an ideal night cream. It in itself constitutes a treatment alone or combinated with another range creams.
Application: Alone or combinated with another cream for your synergy effect. Preferably at night. Massage working until completely absortion.
Functional active ingredients: Fatty acids, Hypericon, Sweet almond oil, Calendula, Phytostimulins, Vitamins, Stimulating repair factor.

DELIE crema reductora


Remodeling cream (anticellulite)

Bio-stimulating cream of the dermal matrix cellulite. Stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminating fluid retention. The presence of a complex that activates skin permeability allows this drainage and therefore the attenuation of the orange peel phenomenon. It should not be applied to pregnant women.
Application: Preferably in the morning, Using ascending maneuvers until complete absorption.
Functional active ingredients: Biodraining complex, Glycans, Fatty acid esters, Horse chestnut, Algae.

POLYGONE crema reafirmantes


Reducing cream

Cream with Mediterranean seaweed cocktail with a reducing effect due to its ability to reduce adipose nodules. It is used in indurated cellulite and obesity.
Application: Preferably at night. A small amount of product is applied to the affected area and massaged until completely absorbed.
Functional principles: Glycans, Algae, Sweet almond oil, Bisabolol, Fatty acid esters.

DELIE crema reductora


Firming cream

Firming cream for sagging and sagging of the buttocks, thighs, buttocks, chest, arms, etc. Nourishes and revitalizes the skin.
Application: In the morning, apply the product to the affected area and massage until completely absorbed.
Functional active ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Glycans, Sorbitol.

POLYGONE crema reafirmantes


Anti strech marks cream

Restructures thin, withered and unstructured skin. Revitalizes the skin, helping its healing and preventing the appearance of new stretch marks.
Application: Alone or mixed with CONFORT in massage on the striated area. It can be used for marked stretch marks on both the body and bust. Also during pregnancy as a preventive measure.
Functional active ingredients: Mucopolysaccharides, Mulberry extract, Sorbitol

DELIE crema reductora


Body milk

Light and soft emulsion that restores the epicutaneous emulsion after bathing. Likewise, it provides natural hydration factors and prevents dehydration, making it skin protective.
Application: After bathing or showering. It is applied using gentle ascending maneuvers until complete absorption.
Functional active ingredients: Algae, Vitamins, Sugars, Amino acids.

POLYGONE crema reafirmantes


Anti cellulite serum

Intensive serum with draining action for all types of cellulite. It is anti-inflammatory and improves circulation.
Application: Apply from the soles of your feet to your waist and do ascending massage meneuvers to insist in interested area.
Functional active ingredients: Phytostimulins from Chamomile, Sage, St. John's Wort, Altea, Aquilea.

DELIE crema reductora