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Our Unibel Gerobio range is the result of studies in the medical-aesthetic field both for its formulations and for its action protocol based on an exhaustive study of aesthetic problems. The active ingredients used in it have been selected from the most diverse and rare origins, although we highlight, as the main ones, the biological extracts accompanied by principles of proven effectiveness such as phytoextracts, phytostimulins, extraponas and essential oils. The combination of all of them gives rise to a global action in the treatment of any facial or body unsightliness, acting eutrophically, that is, providing the skin organ with those elements that allow its regeneration, revitalization, oxygenation...
It is, therefore, a range of products that is far from conventional cosmetics and can guarantee satisfactory results in any case from the first applications. This quality is supported by the results obtained daily and which have turned Unibel Gerobio into a product of international prestige.

Facial range

The products that make up this range have been specially designed to solve skin imperfections and anomalies that are difficult to treat with conventional cosmetics. It is only enough to avoid the legendary COMFORT cream, which in itself is a treatment since it improves the general condition of the skin and provides such eutrophy that it balances the physiological functions of the skin.

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Body Range

We have a wide range of products to take care of your body and pamper it properly. The list of products that make up this range are: Bodyton, Brise, Serena, Lucide, Harmonie, Delie, Polyonge and Relais.

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Bust Range

Discover our line of products dedicated to breast care, formulated to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of this very special area.

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Diverse Range

In our line of personal care products, you will find everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe.

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