Unibel Gerobio - Bust Range

Range of high quality products for body and skin care.


Bust tonic

Prepares the skin to receive the principles of specific bust products through a stimulating and slightly hyperemic action.
Application: Once a day before the specific cream
Functional active ingredients: Ginseng, Hamamelis, Hops, Glucosaminoglycans.

BODYTON Tónico corporal


Bust biological phials

Stimulates tissue and provides essential biological elements before applying specific creams.
Application: After the SUTILE tonic with tapping with the ends of the fingers and before the application of specific creams. No need to massage, it is absorbed quickly. It can be applied to the areola. It is not applied if there is mastosis or during menstruation. 1 ampoule per day for treatment for 21 days (in case of significant ptosis) 1 ampoule every two days for 21 days (in case of light ptosis) Followed, in both cases, by the application of GALBE cream.
Functional active ingredients: Placenta, Yeast, Allantoin.

BRISE Ampollas corporales


Chest firming cream

Preventive and curative effect. Firms and improves the tissue of the bust, neck and décolleté.
Application: In massage efflorescences in 8, on the bust including the areola. If there are stretch marks on the bust or mastosis (cysts), it can be replaced with RELIVE cream. Cease its application during menstruation. 1 time a day alone or alternating with CONFORT in case of malnourished skin
Functional active ingredients: Dermal biological extract, Hazelnut, Sorbitol.

SERENA crema descongestionante